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tried to use pepper to -- he was arrested a short time later. the stabbing victim is expected to survive. >>> a scandal has rocked the community. he's considered a premier coach. a former swimmer says the abuse started when he was 17 years old. ja jackie bensen spoke to her. >> it concerns a settlement made in 1999 by rick kerle. she believes the crime against her was swept under the rug. at 19 she designed a nondisclosure agreement that, in exchange for money, $150,000 she would agree to not press charges. this has come to the attention of usa swimming, the governing body after kelly kern took what many believe was the gold and courageous act of speaking out. we spoke to a parent. >> from the parents' perspective, what we're saying to them is it's a wonderful club the 950 swimmers are not -- this club has 950 swimmers, but thousands and thousands of washington-area kids have passed through the doors over the years. coming up we'll hear from swim club parents. back to you. >>> jackie, thanks. >>> they say he tied her up and drove her around for several hours. investigators have not said
tell us the driver picked up the man at the new carrollton metro station. the man instructed the driver to take him to cooper lane elementary school known as cooper lane academy. the school open and the parking lot was empty and the driver sensed it may have been a robbery. >> the suspect then asked the driver to take him and the cab driver refused. the suspect pulled a hand dpun and shot the cab driver in his lower extremities. he has been transported to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> reporter: police have only a vague description of the suspect. he's a black man in his 20s, that he was wearing khaki pants and had a full beard. they're asking cab drivers particularly at the new carrollton metro station to keep an eye out for him. reporting from landover, jackie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. four people charged of sexual assault. police tell us it happened at a house on hamway drive last month. pat collins spoke with neighbors and a relative of the suspects. >> reporter: in this house police say two underaged teenaged girls were given liquor and then sexu
, then flown to children's hospital in washington, where later, he was pronounced dead. using special protective gear, police spent some time searching the house, looking for clues. this investigation went on for nine months. there was a grand jury involved. lutski arrested and charged yesterday with child abuse and murder. back on lakewood drive today, reaction from neighbors. >> it's terrible. i mean, very hard to understand. i had four kids. i can't understand why somebody would treat a child like that. >> you can imagine what this has done to the williams family. when this happened, i remember talking by phone to a relative of the little boy. >> just feels like a nightmare. it feels like a bad dream i'm waiting too wake up from. he was a playful little kid. you know, very sweet young baby. >> reporter: why did this investigation take so long? >> the investigation required resources from inside and outside the department. so, it made the investigation more complex, took a little bit longer. >> reporter: suspect lutski is said to be a close friend of the little boy's mother, so what
's richard jordan joins us in the sumner neighborhood of bethesda with more on how folks are coping. >> reporter: jim, the house out here took a bit hit. even the white pick fence was destroyed. the light's on. that means this house has power. that's not the case for everyone, including one mo home in one neighborhood that is been left for last. >> tonight will be a full week, yeah. >> reporter: they are the last in their rockville neighborhood without power, the only one that's dark and hot. their pets can't stop panting. >> we're pretty disgusted. we're worried about the health of the dogs. >> reporter: last friday, a whier outside their home was knocked out. now the temperature inside is just a degree off from the outside, but everybody else had the lights on three days ago. >> yesterday when we called, we had a recorded message that all but 4% of pepco's customers have had their power restored, so i guess we're in the elite. maybe after a few more days we're 1%ers. >> reporter: but pepco and other companies say most are restored. the crews working around the clock to make that h
scandal is affecting city government. tom sherwood joins us with more on that. >> the attorney general says the mayor is staying focused on his job. this week jeannie harris admitted in court her part in the $60,000 off the books shadow campaign to elect gray in 2010 and gray has been rebuffing reporters who want to know what he know, but gray says his lawyer won't let him talk. friday on the approximately tic politics hour, wayne nathan weighed in on the scandal impact saying it does affect the running of the government. >> i can't say this is not a distraction and not the subject of water cooler discussions. >> and nathan who played no role in the great campaign said the mayor is doing a good job. >> i have seen him up close and personal in dealing with governmental affairs and in my judgment, this is an honest man who is doing a very good job as the mayor. >> now with three felony guilty pleas and they're raising questions that are hanging over the mayor. did the mayor in any way approve in the off the books campaign, did the mayor orchestrate it in any way or did the mayor learn of
'll be replaced temporarily by some used buses from pittsburgh. now, out at the ride-on bus stop this reaction from riders. >> that seems like the sensible thing to do. instead of getting a lawsuit or something, you know what i mean? >> reporter: get these potentially dangerous buses off the street. >> absolutely. >> i think until they find out the nature of the problem and address it, i feel that's probably the proper action to take. >> reporter: the feds are investigating, trying to determine exactly what happened here. in montgomery county, i'm pat collins, news 4. >> on the subject of transportation, it was a rough weekend on metro with that computer glitch that caused the shutdown. news 4's richard jordan will have the answer to that coming up at 5:30. >>> well, it's happened, folks. signed, sealed, delivered. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii, rg3, signed his contract today. dan joins us with the pricey details. >> reporter: when you give up two first round picks and a second-rounder to get a franchise quarterback, you better make sure he's in training camp on time and that's exact
to the mayor noted his. >> i got 1r06d because i love the district of columbia. >> the u.s. attorney with flee felony convictions and more prosecutions to come, on tuesday repeated his own stern warning. >> the truth is going to come out in the end, and you're far better off if you come to us on. >> again, council member david catania, the mayor says he's not resigning. jim and wendy? >> thank you, tom. >>> d.c. residents are flooded out and fuming tonight. they're cleaning up from last night's storms which sent water spewing into basements and into their cars. firefighters had to push some cars to safety. now some residents say the city could have done more to keep floodwaters out of their houses. richard gordon has more. >> reporter: it also created a health hazard, because the water that was filling these streets contained sewage. they typically clean out the drains at least once a year. when they know a storm is coming, they like to make sure they're cleaned out. however, as you can tell by the restoration crews, there was a lot of flooding. that means there was not enough warnings. d.c. r
was the meeting about? what can you tell us about that? >> i really can't. i think you all are probably just as frustrated as i am. my attorney has advised me that that's the best course of action at this stage. i think i would be well advised to follow that. >>> they were denies rumors today that gray is about to resign. she said nice thing about him, but said he has an obligation to clear this up. >> a lot of pressure on the mayor. >> yes, lots of pressure, building virtually daily. >> tom sherwood, thanks. >>> our coverage continues with reaction. richard jordan is in northwest d.c. she spoke to voters who had mixed feelings on whether the mayor should step down. richard? >> doreen, public reaction is split, but just about everyone agrees that political scandal is nothing new. the scandal plastered on the front page and seen across the district. they say it's casting a dark shadow on those in elected office. >> it's hard to trust politicians these days. >> but others are backing the mayor. >> if he had anything to do with it. >> reporter: you don't thing he's hiding anything? >> i don't t
and misty, the u.s. two-time defending gold medalists. he knows how to make those big plays when it really counts. respond to that first set loss. >> already 16 digs for rogers to go with 18 kills. >> monster numbers. >> now phil dalhausser ready to crank it up. herrera. and herrera fizzles one by. >> every time we see herrera come back after a time-out, after a side switch, he's got a little more pep. gets that rest, gets that refocus. >> gavira at the net. herrera playing defense. and rogers down the line. it's so hard not to break on rogers. you have to really be disciplined if you're the defender. once you break, you're dead. watch herrera back here. takes one move. right there. you start the wrong way, you can't recover. >> todd rogers, he's seen that peripherally. >> herrera over the top. rogers thought dalhausser was going to take it. and it drops in no man's land. 15 kills for herrera. rogers and herrera battling. and herrera says, nope, can't make it on that one. >> so different than the japan match we covered the other day. there's such a rhythm to this team. when people serve to
is not the small things. it's not the trivial things which so often consume us and our daily lives. ultimately it's how we choose to treat one another. and how we love one another. >> this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love one another. and how much we love and how much we care for our great country. there's so much love and goodness in the heart of america. >> mitt romney's rally in new hampshire was his only scheduled event today. president obama cut short his visit to florida. and returned to the white house. he also ordered the federal government to lower all american flags to half-staff as a mark of respect for the shooting victims. >>> if you're planning to go to the movies tonight or this weekend you can expect to see extra police officers around. local police departments are beefing up patrols as a precaution against possible copycat crimes. news 4 steve wilkos is at the regal theater in germantown with more on security measures and reaction from people who didn't let the shooting keep them way from theaters today. >> reporter: it's obvious that
last month's powerful storm. tracy wilkins joins us, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, barbara. you can see by the yellow tape that this was a terrible area yesterday. we had tree limbs down and power lines as well. but you can take a look behind me and see now it's a few hanging limbs, they've done a good job much cleaning the area up and the folks have their pepco power back because this is a good example of what pepco can do when they don't have a large storm. in montgomery county the question was about pepco's response when there is a large storm. folks had lots to say. >> the lack of reliable electric power has become the number one quality of life issue in our county. >> and with that, the montgomery county council began laying into pepco and questioning the utilities response to the 238,000 outages after june 29th's storm. >> the frequency and duration of power outages threatens our help and well fare and economy. >> tom graham and the maryland public service commission's chair, attended the hearing and responded to concerns. >> i completely understand the frust
has a great crowd. they come in and give us a great business. hopefully they skill come in and have the school spirit. >> reporter: some people who didn't go to penn state feel today's sanctions are justified. others say it punishes current stew departments and athletes there. >> the school is being punished and you're part of that punishment and you had no control over it. >> reporter: what is your reaction to the sanctions against penn state university. >> i think they were justified mainly because of the extreme money thrown around in college sports which is a corrupting influence. >> now, just before the start of the new football season, penn state players will each have to decide whether to stay and play for the it inially any lions or transfer to another school and play for another team. brack to you. >>> virginia is asking for federal disaster assistance after the powerful storm that killed 15 people and left more than a million others without power. state and local governments spent $27.5 million recovering from the storm at the end of june. that doesn't include the price of
everybody in the dance room, and we barely made it in there in time. it even hit some of us. >> reporter: the winds picked up the roof and tossed it on the wood frame house about 100 yards away. the damage is extensive and will take weeks, if not months, to repair. >> it was terrible. it looked like the whole end of the house was coming in. it was the building trying to get into my building. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll faulk to a woman who was inside this being when this storm blew through and the dare,moments when she lost sight of her young daughter. reporting from fredericksburg, jaxxie benson, news4. >>> it's the calm after the day and break from the heat. doug, we are feeling that change. that major change late last night. that coffee was the same coffee that produced all that severe weather we saw yesterday. most of maryland, however, at least north of d.c., did not see anything at all. but here's that one storm. waffle this storm come together right over fredericksburg and move on down quickly to the south and east. behind it, this is what we're dealing with. th
sources say the mail for the u.s. capitol is screened. pitney-bowes says he was a contract employees. back at his apartment complex, we found black tape over the peephole. no sign of a forced entry. police say prescott came peacefully. alan caven says he knows him. what do you make of something like that? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: you know this guy? i want that doesn't sound like him. that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: in the end, it was a team of cops from two counties, and agents from atf that worked to tamp out this threat. >> what was going over the last 36 hours was a significant incident in the county, and we think a violent episode was avoided. >> reporter: so far, no criminal charges have been filed against prescott, but the investigation, well, that's still ongoing. officially, they say, he's fired. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. >>> our team coverage continues with reaction from the people who worked in the area. jackie bensen joins us live. >> reporter: workers at this facility have been told not to talk to reporters, but people in this office park are cl
has lelectricity and who dose e. >> joining us on the phone is y myron opal. thanks for joining us. pepco says it should have power restored to customers by the end of the day. how is that progress coming? >> we met that milestone earlier this afternoon. so we have gotten power back to 90% of the 443,000 customers who lost power last friday. >> can we address this controversy over robo calls and maps on line being inaccurate. we have gotten several e-mails, lots of phone calls from people who say that they have been getting robo calls telling them the power is back on when it's not. they looked on maps online saying that their power is back on in their neighborhood and it's not. so how accurate are those numbers? how much can people trust those numbers of 90%? >> if i could have a moment to explain that. what the call actually said, we have changed that message because of the confusion that it was creating. the call actually said that power has been restored to your area. with area not being defined. if you have no power, press number two. what happens is you have nested outages or
or more. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. that wind not helping a whole lot to cool us down. lookic at frederick, 100 degrees there, 102 in charlottesville, 95 in winchester, 94 in annapolis, 97 degrees toward e humidity has been on the low side the l.a. couple days. that's been a saving grace. if this is like it was last week, with the heat index close to 110, right now -- it could get up there as we make our way into tomorrow, especially into saturday. >>> storm4 radar right now, take a look at they storms. i wouldn't be surprised to see numerous trees down in the southwestern portions of virginia, also into portions of kentucky, tennessee as well as western portions of north carolina. then we look over here. this little system right here, and this is a little boundary that will try to make its way into our region. i'll show you what i'm talking about. one thing you notice, a few storms lining up on this boundary, and they're moving our way. we are going to see these move through here, probably later on this evening. in about three hours, they'll be into portions of fred
: police say it began around 7:00 yesterday morning in mrs. ripken's garage. they say the gunman used her 1998 lincoln continental to drive her around. then came a break, a chance encounter 17 miles away at a convenience store near the whitemarsh mall. 8:30 last neat, ebenezer road, pulaski highway, a witness sees an elderly lady tied up in a car. the witness talks to the guy who says don't worry, it's my mother, i'm taking her to the hospital. the witness doesn't buy the story, writes down the tag, calls police, they run the tag. it's mrs. ripken's car. throughout the state of maryland, police began to search for accomplice ripken. then she reappeared this morning in her own neighborhood. henri trayburn is the chief of the aberdeen police department. >> at this time we don't know what, if anything, relationship there was between the perpetrator of this crime and the ripken family. >> a state today from cal ripken and his family -- this has been a very trying time for our family, but we're grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thanks all the law enfor
erica gonzalez joins us now live with the evening rush is a lot slower tonight. erica? >> reporter: this is exactly what riders and commuters do not want to hear. hey, fyi, heads up, your commute is going to be a lot slower this evening because of, yes folks, hash tag heat. all right. so here's the scoop. this is what metro told us. this is only going to affect the trains once they are going above ground. it's not going to affect them once they are underground. but they're going to be slowed down to 35 miles per hour because of the heat. metro doesn't want there to be any kinks in the lines which is what happened a week and a half ago in west hyattsville. they want to prevent that. they're slowing all trains down on all five lines once they come above ground. we talked to some folks today. we told them pack your patience. this may be in effect until tomorrow. [ no audio ] >> i'll have to wait longer. we're on a schedule. so definitely not good. >> reporter: all right. so metro has told us that they're going to check the tracks about 8:00 this evening. a lot of the tracks are at lea
to us moving forward with trial and having the best possible opportunities to secure a guilty conviction, we make sure to work with them so we have that dna in time and there are no issues. >> reporter: prince george's county is move its dna analysis to its new forensic evidence processing facility. it is seeking more state and federal money and will hire a director with a ph.d. in forensic sciences. the goal for prince george's county is to have the capacity to catalog all the dna and cross-match it to conviction criminals that are involved in multiple crimes. that's the latest from the newsroom, chris gordon, "news 4." >>> still to come on "news 4" at 5:00 tonight, we're just getting started. did it really make it healthier by banning restaurants from banning trans fats? experts weigh in. >>> a photographer captured a special moment. now the hunt is on for this mystery couple. >>> plus, almost a year later and a local church is still matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message. we gotta
's a great man, very loving. all he's ever done is focus on his family and cared for us, and never once has he burdened us with his troubles. just appreciate it if everyone can bring this man to justice. >> arlington detectives interviewed the victim this morning. >> he's a career criminal going after other people. hopefully we can get him off the street. >> reporter: the arlington victim, mr. tommy weong, had just attended his 25-year-old son's wedding the week before he was murdered. reporting from d.c. police headquarters jackie bensen, news4. >>> take a look at the two men in this surveillance video. police say they robbed a check cashing store, and you is see one of the hold ago an employee at knifepoint. they forced the woman to open two safes and ran off with more than $37,000 in cash. >>> james holmes, the man accused in one of the worst u.s. shootings in history is now charged with 24 counts of murder, two counts for each of the victim. one murder with deliberation, the other is for extreme indifference. holmes made his first very short statement in court answering "yes" for the ju
. >> and devil, too. where do the power outages stand right now? joins us is marcus beal. we're hearing now that pepco hopes to have all the customers up on friday. is that being accelerated at all? has today gotten any easier for the crews? >> we're still making progress. the more data we gather, the tighter other restoration timelines will get. where we currently stand we're at about 41,000 in the district, 121,000 in montgomery count county. and we will be updating our estimated restoration time this wednesday, with hopefully a little bit more of an accurate depict turs of exactly where everyone will be. >> what's your greatest challenge at this point? is it still the trees that are down? >> i think just the sheer magnitude of the damage. yes, we have trees, wires down, poles, a lot of manual effort that's required. >> marcus, how much of a problem is the heat posing 1234 they're putting in long days and nights? >> you know, we are human, but, you know, this is our job. this is what we do. so i think everyone in this industry, you know, knows when a storm comes around, we have to step up
he's now investigating. tom sherwood's in our newsroom working the story for us. >> jim, it was a big storm, thousands of public safety calls, but only one to fill up a swimming pool. utd's just a modest row of duplex houses in northeast washington. and 324 55th street skwit zits quietly among them. but the backyard is filled with four outdoor tables and lots of chairs and this, a 1,000-gallon swimming and wading pool big enough for at least ten adults. now news 4 has obtained an internal d.c. fire department document that shows the private pool was filled last saturday just hours after the big storm hit the region. [ sirens ] crews from engine company 30 about a half-mile away. firefighters said an engine had to make two trips to deliver 500 gallons each. all while public safety crews were scrambling to respond to emergency calls in the wake of the storm that has prompted thousands of calls for emergency and other help. >> it's a highly unusual request, and a highly unusual on a normal day much less given a state of emergency such as we had on saturday. on average we do about 450 run
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